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Large Scale Interactive  Process

Large Scale Interactive Process

I would like to share some background about the genesis of large scale interactive process ( LSIP ) methodology applied by GLADES  group for our client SFG LLC. The key success factor is decision making process and announcement of the same to everyone which offers undiluted understanding of the decisions and process for the same adopted by the Leadership Team.

Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP) is a methodology to achieve  in defining objectives involving large number of participants. It is one of the most effective methodology for creating accelerated change and for enhancing employee engagement. In LSIP, we get all the people concerned / impacted with the change in the same place at the same time, are provided the same input, have the same level of opportunity to participate and contribute and everyone involved knows everything that happens during that time.

The theory behind it is as follows:

The approach is based on Dannemiller Tyson Associates “DVF Model of Change”

D X V X F > R

D – DISSATISFACTION with the present situation
V – VISION positive picture of what is possible in the future
F – FIRST STEP CHANGES people can take toward reaching the vision
R – RESISTANCE to change

Thus, according to this model, for any successful change to take place, the product of D, V and F must be greater than the resistance to change R.

The “Dissatisfaction” with the present situation is generated through:

  • Understanding the environment in relation to our strengths and weaknesses
  • Key stakeholders addressing the group, on their areas of dissatisfaction ( +ve) and
  • Internal customers sharing their ( positive) dissatisfaction

The “Vision” is evolved through:

  • Participation by leadership team and reinforcement in a participative manner.
  • Perspective building through listening and positive dissatisfactions

(Positive dissatisfaction is expectation about which something can be done by department or function)

 “First Step Action Plan” leads to:

  • Individuals taking accountability to cause changes at workplace
  • Department / Team / Group specific action plans
  • System – wide specific action plans

GLADES developed a unique process for Organisational alignment across the business divisions/departments through  – ‘LSIP’ Large Scale Interactive Process at SFG. Intervention helped in identifying key strategic thrust areas, performance monitoring mechanism, Execution and the Goal Setting.  Out Come further help in identifying common themes, define Accountability and ownership. Intervention also paved way for effective Performance Management System.  


Intervention and Engagement Process                                

Inquiry Process                                               Engagement with Top team                                                                      

- Understanding culture                                     Patterns & inferences                                 

- Observations                                                  Difficult Conversations 

- Positive Inquiry                                               Workshop with all the stake holders (SOAR)

- Meeting with stake holders                               Challenges in hand

- Agreement on way forward                             Gaps in process 

- Top Management mind set










22 January 2015


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