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This program has been specially designed for final year students of MBA who are to attend their campus recruitment interviews. This program deals with the ways and means to manage the campus interviews. Lot of research and interviews with the campus recruiters has been done to designed this program. The program will assist pep the students to Prepare and learn the tricks to be successful and beat the competition and land their dream Jobs

  • Understanding nuances of interview process.
  • Modulating expectations to mitigate requirement mis-match.
  • Do’s and Don’ts during interview session.
  • Tips and Tricks for group discussions and Interviews.
  • Do's and dont's for resume.
  • Awareness of body language of self and the interviewer
  • Managing competition.
Bridge the Gap

Aims at providing training and coaching to young graduates and grooms them for the corporate opportunities through ;

Mock Interviews and Feedback
During interviews many students fail to impress interviewers, this modules focuses on developing high-impact communication skills required during interviews and our certified coach also helps them improve their weaknesses.
EQ-i 2.0 Profiling
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to positively manage your own emotions and emotions of others. This module aims at how to positively impact your performance as well as others’ output by using emotions.
CV Preparation
CV Preparation is the most important element in a job search, on average a recruiter spends less than 15 seconds on one resume, how to impress a recruiter, that is what we aim at during this module.
Group Discussion
Many organizations conduct group discussion forums to shortlist the candidates in order to assess the positive body language, team work, situational leadership and other personality attributes. This module will focus on students’ performance during group discussion.
Career Counseling
Career Counseling based on MBTI Profiling / EQ-i 2.0 Profiling | Using internationally recognized tools developed to analyze personality attributes of individuals, in the module we aim at helping each of the student understand their weak areas, coach them on how to improve their weakness and decide a career, based on the results.
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