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Growing Leadership

Reclaim the leadership within and firmly reserve the right to connect organically again. We’re all born with the inherent capability (and more importantly- flaws) to influence and be influenced in every step of our lives- be it family, friends, community, Company or Country- all we need is to connect.

Leadership in Action context!

We are all born leaders, a perfect and proud creation molded by this world to live and let live in the ‘life world’. But soon after our birth the cradle to cremation ‘system world’ envelopes our seat of conscious and dominates us; distancing us from the ‘life world’. Whether we like it or not, the 3 predominant places we send our lives in are at home, at school and then at work- all of which are microcosms for society as a whole.

Leadership filters

Leadership has no unidimensional photo frame for success today as lenses and filters in the era of data driven decision making, Analytics, social network, organisational network analysis, customer expectation, stakeholder management, AI and VR are changing the perception of traditional leadership with fusion is more challenging than before.


We will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your leadership journey– in analyzing the current context, look through different lenses and filters.

The GLADES unique position is to be able to understand and analyse the Organisational Cultural, Social network, Financial impact, Customer expectation, understanding Multi-stakeholders and partner with leadership team to work in close dialogue for evidence driven development plans – skills rare to combine

Success with evidence based development is best achieved through iterative dialogue. GLADES will take you through your own journey with your multi dimension competence, emotional intelligence, people, purpose, position data, as a project or as part of your ongoing managed services and ‘bite-sized’ consultancy.

What Leadership in Action can we look at?

The key change that data driven leadership development will make to you and other business leaders is the answering of questions that make the difference to your business. GLADES consultants talk to you about what those are and help you made data driven decisions.

Ability to lead through ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty.
Ability to connect, communicate and conclude.
Ability to innovate, improve and seamlessly integrate.
Ability to focus on purpose and not just the profits.

Don’t worry. If you aren’t ready with those questions then we will guide you to find them and we have suggestions at-the-ready, for example around:

Productivity and Results


Training and Development Investment

Performance Management

Reward Effectiveness

Organisation Network Analysis


Workforce Planning & Analysis

Cultural Analysis








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